Growing up in the 21st century isn’t easy, and the teenage years are especially difficult. Middle school and high school students face many challenges when it comes to finding their identity, choosing their friends, and forming their beliefs. At First Baptist Church we seek to come alongside our teens and provide support and guidance as they face these difficult decisions. We take youth ministry seriously, and our goal is that all of our youth would grow up to be strongly rooted in their faith in Jesus as they enter adulthood.
Here are some of the youth ministries that we have at First Baptist Church:

Sunday school
Our Sunday school classes for Jr. High and Sr. High generally run from September through June following Sunday morning worship services. Sunday school is a time for teens to connect with peers who share their faith and find biblical answers to the questions they face.

Jr. High Youth Group
Jr. High Youth Group (grades 6-8) takes place on Wednesday evenings during the school year. Youth group is a perfect opportunity for teens to have good, clean fun with friends while learning more about who they are and who God is.

Sr. High Youth Group
Sr. High Youth Group (grades 9-12) takes place on Wednesday evenings during the school year. Youth group is a time when high school kids can learn to think critically about the Bible and how it applies to their lives. It’s also a time to connect with other high school students who believe in Jesus and be encouraged by each other’s faith. Youth group gives high school students a chance to learn essential skills like studying God’s word, thinking critically, building relationships, communicating their beliefs to others, and using God’s word in making decisions and solving problems.