This church exists as a community of Christians dedicated to the glorification of God through
1. worship and the administration of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper,
2. proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in all the world,
3. instruction of believers in matters pertaining to the Christian life,
4. ministry to the needs of people,
5. mutual encouragement of members in fulfilling Christian life aspirations,
all of which shall be consistent with the will of God as revealed in the Scriptures.


Mission Statement



Statement of Vision

The many ministries and activities in which our church engages could generally be classified in one of the following four ministry categories:

Christian Education
Outreach and Missions
Special Ministries and Hospitality


Ministry Values


1. Worship is central.
2. Worshipers have physical needs that must be considered.
3. Prayer is crucial in the worshiper’s life.

Christian Education

1. Christians are lifelong learners.
2. Children, youth, and family ministries are paramount.
3. Quality infant and pre-school ministries and facilities are important.
4. Christian education, outreach, and recreation are closely related.
5. Education efforts are part of a “ministry whole.”

Outreach and Missions

1. Churches support missions and missionary efforts.
2. Healthy churches start new churches.
3. Missions around the world and close to home need support.
4. Outreach to the local community is vital.
5. Church buildings are means for ministry and outreach.

Special Ministries and Hospitality

1. Followers of Jesus love their neighbors.
2. Small groups grow disciples.
3. Believers work for the benefit of others.
4. Churches value hospitality.


Ministry Philosophy and Growth Strategy

In order to become the people of Christ our Lord intends
and to meet the challenges of future ministry,
we covenant together
to pray,
to teach and preach the Word,
and to trust in the sovereignty of God.


Click here for the complete statement of our Affirmation of Faith.


First Baptist Church is affiliated with Converge (Baptist General Conference)